FreshLock Technologies launches new temperature monitoring tool


FreshLock Technologies launches new temperature monitoring tool


FreshLoc Technologies, a temperature monitoring specialist focused in healthcare, has created Clinic Quick Quote, a new tool that lets clinic chain purchasing managers see fair value in product and services for the fastest to install, most scalable environmental monitoring system worldwide.

FreshLoc has found that clinic chains are challenged with a greater need for standardization in management of temperature monitoring with the increases in numbers of retail chain units per chain.

The number of US Retail Health Clinics is predicted to surpass 2,800 by 2017, according to Accenture. Compliance standards continue to be top a priority for patient safety. The smallest variation in temperature or humidity can cause damage to blood, medications, lab samples, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Manual monitoring becomes more difficult to manage with greater numbers of staff members and clinic units in the chain, said FreshLoc. The chain's central office's responsibility for the organization's compliance becomes larger as the chain grows.

Rik Heller, chairman of FreshLoc and Wello, said: "The accuracy of temperature and environmental measurements is not as consistently precise or reliable with manual monitoring. We hear from clinics that work with us how much of a relief it is for them to know that the monitoring is reliable and consistent once they switch to automated monitoring.”

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