Genelex launches genetic risk analysis


Personalized medication management provider, Genelex, has developed new ways for the healthcare IT community to use its patented clinical analytics software.

The software will enable genetic risk analysis, meaning that the software will predict drug levels based on the cumulative impact of a patient’s genetics and medications.

“It identifies when genetics may affect drug metabolism; whether a patient might be at risk for an adverse drug event; suggests when testing might be appropriate and provides alternative drug/dose options less likely to cause an interaction or adverse drug event,” said Genelex.

According to the company, YouScript, the software, is the first and only commercially-available drug interaction program to predict potential drug-drug, drug-gene and cumulative multi-drug-gene interaction risk.

Research has shown that adverse drug events cause one in eight hospitalizations and 10.7 percent of readmissions, many of which can be attributed to genetic variability and cumulative interactions missed by most drug-interaction checking systems.

The software will be integrated through new application programming interfaces (APIs) into EHR, population health, e-prescribing and patient health software applications. This brings genetic analysis and precision prescribing to technology platforms that currently do not leverage genetic information.

“Treating adverse drug events costs the US health system more than the drugs themselves,” said Kristine Ashcraft, Genelex chief operating officer. “By helping risk managers and healthcare providers identify and prevent probable genetic interactions, we can significantly improve patient safety and reduce costs. The key is incorporating genetic analysis in a user-friendly way, directly into their current workflow.”

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