Health IT safety workgroup set to tackle copy-and-paste errors


A work-group has been formed to examine the unsafe aspects of copy-paste in electronic health records.

The group was formed by the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, a collaborative multi-stakeholder effort that recently held its first in-person meeting at ECRI Institute's US headquarters.

The new work-group is chaired by Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, president and chief executive officer of the National Patient Safety Foundation. It was formed at the partnership’s first in-person meeting at ECRI Institute's US headquarters and is comprised of 20 individuals representing all of the different stakeholders participating in the partnership.

The workgroup will be meeting through the summer of 2015 and releasing recommendations and best practices.

It is one of a number of workgroups formed by the partnership that set out to study why reported events are occurring and identify best practices for preventing recurrence.

Gandhi said: "We can try to identify issues and concerns that we have with health information technology. But what's really going to be critical is to then take that information and create some best practices."

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