Health risk management program Bene-Fit adds new services


Health risk management program Bene-Fit adds new services

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Bene-Fit Group, the health risk management program, has added a number of services including DHS Group's HealthSpective Analyze and Engage (Medical and Move) services added as standard components.

"These new services allow Bene-Fit to offer their clients a truly comprehensive solution to the rising cost of healthcare," DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett said.

Bene-Fit CEO Barry Glenn said: "I'm very excited about our partnership with fellow Houston-based company DHS Group. The insight HealthSpective provides enables us to help our clients identify and minimize exposure not only in their employee populations, but in their healthcare plans as well.”

The Bene-Fit Health Risk Management Program reduces healthcare spending for clients by enabling employees to fully fund supplemental benefits through participation in an ACA-approved wellness program.

The company said its Bene-Fit's innovative approach towards employee engagement makes it significantly more effective than previous Health Risk Management programs – and the addition of HealthSpective's services promises to increase the effectiveness even more.

Using the Engage module, Bene-Fit allows employees to purchase fully-funded wearable activity tracking devices that allow them to track their fitness levels and monitor their progress towards goals and challenges set by health coaches. The Analyze and Engage Medical modules will track this information along with employees' claim history and other data to create personalized risk profiles that Bene-Fit can address through preventative coaching and other measures.

"We're now capable of reducing healthcare spend for our clients at every level," Glenn said. "From identifying, intervening and improving the health of high-risk segments of a population to designing custom plans that maximize coverage while minimizing exposure."

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