Healthcare is highly susceptible to cyber crime


Healthcare is the industry most susceptible to email attacks and cyber-fraud. Consumers are five times more likely to receive a malicious email from their healthcare provider than any other company.

That is the finding of the newly released fourth quarter edition of the Email TrustIndex from Agari, a provider of real-time data-driven security solutions that detect and prevent advanced cyberthreats targeting consumers and enterprises.

The Q4 TrustIndex covers the period from October through December 2013 and identifies the sectors and companies that have the highest and lowest risk for dangerous emails, and the sectors and companies that are taking action to stop cybercriminals from reaching their consumers.

"Many companies have not yet focused on consumer protection from email cyberthreats and the significant risk this presents, allowing cybercriminals to stay very busy," said Patrick Peterson, chief executive officer of Agari.

"The TrustIndex shows the industry sectors and companies that do the most - and the least - to detect and prevent cyberthreats, so consumers aren't shouldering the burden of weak security practices. We want to help restore trust in the email channel and make sure the bad guys don't have easy access to harm consumers."

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