Healthcare risk management week 2013


Next week, from June 17-21, Healthcare Risk Management Week 2013 will take place. The week aims to raise awareness about the importance of risk management and safety within healthcare environments.

To assist risk managers in promoting healthcare risk management strategies and information, The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASRHM) has developed tools, materials resources and more that risk managers can customize and share with their colleagues.

Printable resources available on the ASHRM website include a tip card outlining how others can become involved in patient safety and scenario and solutions quick reference flyers providing tips to help eliminate some of the most common and preventable serious safety events.

“Healthcare Risk Management Week is a special time of year for risk managers and patient safety professionals to raise awareness about, and celebrate, our profession and ourselves,” said Andrew Oppenberg, the president of ASHRM.

“This year’s theme, ‘Everyone is a Risk Manager,’ or ERM, acknowledges the vital role that all healthcare workers hold as guardians of patient safety. All healthcare workers are responsible for managing risk—from nurses to physicians to pharmacists, and paramedics to social workers to administrators.

“ASHRM believes that together, we can help keep patients safe. And ASHRM is committed to providing the tools and information risk management professionals need, during HRM Week and throughout the year.”
As part of Healthcare Risk Management Week, Risk managers all over the country are set to hold events to raise awareness of risk management in their organizations. North Shore University Hospital of Manhasset, New York, for instance, is celebrating HRM Week with various activities, including patient safety champion announcements, mock trials focused on risk management, patient safety rounds, a social media discussion focused on risk management and more.

For more information about Healthcare Risk Management week and how you can get involved, click here:

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