Healthcare roles to change dramatically in 2015


Healthcare's story in 2015 will be about dramatically changing roles and relationships. Pressures on cost, quality and outcomes will drive providers, insurers, manufacturers and consumers to engage in new and different ways.

This is according to strategy consulting firm Numerof & Associates’ 2015 forecast for US healthcare delivery, global pharmaceutical manufacturers and global medical device makers.

"As roles and relationships evolve, look for paradoxes to abound throughout the year.  One day, insurers and pharmaceutical manufacturers will battle over high drug prices but, on another, they will be collaborating on outcomes research and medication adherence," said Dr. Rita Numerof, president of the firm.

She added that the year will see an acceleration of consumers shopping for medical care, employers directly contracting with top providers, insurers acquiring providers or providers buying insurers, and governments expanding product decisions to include economic considerations, not just clinical efficacy and safety.

Numerof said: "Globally across healthcare, demands for greater transparency, risk sharing, and evidence of economic and clinical value will relentlessly propel change.  Delivery organizations must better manage variation in cost and quality, while manufacturers need to develop high value products backed by evidence, and redesign their commercial models.”

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