Henry Ford Health System selects Rsam


Henry Ford Health System, one of the largest and most comprehensive integrated US health care systems, has selected the Rsam platform to provide a comprehensive solution for an integrated risk, privacy, security, and vendor management program that will streamline processes and provide enterprise-wide visibility.

Henry Ford Health System sought a solution that would automate their existing processes but had the flexibility to grow with their changing needs.

“During the process we evaluated a number of tools. We found Rsam to have an appealing combination of flexibility, ease of use and administration, as well as terrific workflows," said Meredith Phillips, chief information privacy and security officer at Henry Ford. "This enables us to realize our broader vision for risk management and allows us to adjust and optimize our program over time."

Rsam will manage and streamline risk and compliance management, help develop a risk register to catalogue and prioritize risks and controls across the enterprise. In addition, Henry Ford Health System will be able to integrate all aspects of vendor risk management for improved security and privacy.

"Henry Ford Health System is a world class organization taking a proactive approach to risk and compliance management and we are very pleased to add them as a customer," said Neil Hooper, senior vice president of sales at Rsam. "In today's regulatory environment, healthcare organizations are faced with surmounting risk and security business requirements. We look forward to leveraging our extensive experience with other healthcare organizations as we work in partnership with Henry Ford to deliver efficient and effective risk management processes."

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