HIPAA One launches business associate agreement solution


HIPAA One has launched a new product to streamline, automate and organize Business Associate Agreements. 

The HIPAA One Vendor Management Solution (VMS) automates sending, signing and managing any type of contract.

Following the interface of HIPAA One for Security and Privacy, the data-entry screen allows setup of a vendor in less than 60 seconds. 

Other features include daily email reminder schedule to signees alleviating manual reminders; status updates that provide visibility and real-time status of the agreement process; E-SIGN-compliant process simplifies vendor signing; and automatic status updates per-vendor.

Steven Marco, president of HIPAA One and Modern Compliance Solutions, said: “When we audit clients, it is obvious the medical community needs something better than free tools, repurposed policy platforms and SharePoint, but be effective and efficient enough to justify the cost. 

“We answered with HIPAA One VMS: the simplest, fastest, solution designed to easily manage vendor agreements reducing liability while meeting HIPAA and HITECH requirements.” 

HIPAA One, Steven Marco, US