HITRUST joins Children’s Health to fight cyber threats


HITRUST joins Children’s Health to fight cyber threats


HITRUST and paediatric health care system Children’s Health have partnered to introduce HITRUST CyberAid, which is designed to help smaller healthcare companies address growing cyber risks and information protection challenges by providing them with a cyber security solution designed to support their small business environment.

These companies state that smaller healthcare companies represent a crucial component in today’s healthcare ecosystem yet are struggling to deploy effective information security technologies and employ effective security management practices.

The rise in ransomware and other cyber threats targeting smaller healthcare organizations and the impact that a breach can have on physician practice and its patients has increased the urgency to address these problems.

“As a small physician practice with limited IT support, I rest easier knowing that CyberAid monitoring is in place,” said Mary Strength, medical doctor.

“Having this level of protection allows me to maintain my focus on caring for patients, while also ensuring their data is protected.”

CyberAid evaluates and picks out solutions and processes that can be implemented, managed and operated cost-effectively by organizations with limited technical and financial resources.

“Our organization hosts private physician practices on our electronic medical record (EMR) system,” said Pamela Arora, senior vice president and chief information officer for Children’s Health.

“Supporting this program enables us to more fully protect our organization, these physician practices and their patients from risks associated with cyber threats.”

Pete Perialas, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of Children’s Health, said: “Identifying solutions that address current and evolving cyber threats—not to mention implementing and managing these solutions—is daunting for a small practice.

“Participating in current models of cyber threat sharing can be prohibitive, whereas CyberAid puts these levels of protection within reach.”

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