HITRUST launches cyber product


HITRUST has launched the HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) to significantly accelerate the detection of and response to cyber threat indicators targeted at the healthcare industry.

HITRUST CTX will automate the process of collecting and analyzing cyber threats and distributing actionable indicators in electronically consumable formats that organizations of almost all sizes and cyber security maturity can utilize to improve their cyber defenses. It is designed to act as an advanced early warning system as cyber threats are perpetrated on the industry.

Healthcare leaders are collaborating with HITRUST to implement this capability that is seen as crucial given the increase in cyber threats and attacks impacting the healthcare industry, such as the recent Bash bug.

Initial participating organizations include: Express Scripts; FireHost; Health Care Services Corp.; Highmark Health; Humana; Seattle Children’s Medical Center; UnitedHealth Group; University of Rochester Medical Center; and WellPoint.

HITRUST CTX will enable the timely exchange of cyber threat indicators contributed by industry organizations, which can be quickly analyzed and disseminated to provide holistic and actionable threat intelligence relevant to healthcare organizations.

“HITRUST CTX is a component of a larger HITRUST strategy to safeguard the healthcare industry from cyber threats and minimize disruptions associated with cyber attacks,” said Daniel Nutkis, chief executive officer of HITRUST.

“Other components of the strategy include HITRUST C3, a cyber threat intelligence and incident coordination center, and CyberRX, industry cyber preparedness exercises, as well as timely updates to the HITRUST CSF to ensure existing security control guidance reflects cyber threats, and free monthly cyber threat briefings.”

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