HomeCare Connect embraces telehealth capabilities


HomeCare Connect embraces telehealth capabilities

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HomeCare Connect, which manages the quality and cost of workers’ compensation home healthcare, is integrating telehealth capabilities into its services.

Accessible via mobile telephones, computers and tablets, HomeCare Connect’s Tele-Connect is a cloud-based application that enables injured employees and their home health caregivers to meet virtually with HomeCare Connect’s clinical care coordinators to discuss treatment.

“Live video interactions are more personal than telephone conversations and help clinicians see what’s going on,” said chief marketing officer Vonesa Wenzel. “If a wound is not healing properly, a treating physician can watch wound care being administered and recommend changes in real time. This accelerates the delivery of appropriate care, speeds recovery and may eliminate the need for a doctor’s office visit.”

Providing telehealth services at no additional charge to customers, HomeCare Connect will use the application to clarify treatment, educate injured employees, monitor the use of durable medical equipment, and help amputees adjust to prosthetics. Tele-Connect will also be used to take adjusters on virtual walk-throughs before, during and after home modifications.

“We’re the first home healthcare network in workers’ compensation to adopt telehealth technology,” Wenzel said, noting that some companies use it for case management and triage. “I’m sure we’ll discover other benefits as we integrate the technology.”

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