Hospital adopts sophisticated call monitoring system


After a series of harassing calls, the risk management council of El Central Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) in California identified a need to track inbound calls among their various sites. As a result, Metropolis Technologies, a provider of call tracking and call accounting software, has delivered ECRMC with an advanced call reporting solution.

With eight medical locations, the hospital was experiencing a disconnect between the main acute-care medical center and their outpatient centers. Metropolis Technologies' new call reporting product for the enterprise, OfficeWatch XT, was well suited to solve the problem, as it is designed to help a hospital manage their liability and increase their visibility among their multiple healthcare centers.

Kelly Ashbrook, Telecommunications Administrator for ECRMC, worked alongside Metropolis partner reseller Xpedient Communications to research numerous telemanagement options.

“I have been on the market, aggressively looking, for several years and I could not find anything easier to use than OfficeWatch XT,” he said.

“One of their biggest needs was to the find a solution with Active Directory,” said Rebecca Bodemann, Account Executive for Xpedient Communications. “They had no call reporting software in place, and as a hospital it was important for them to be able to track their phone calls. They needed to be able to get an idea of their call volume for scheduling the different departments. OfficeWatch XT had best solution on the market for what they are trying to do.”

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