Hypori exhibits first HIPAA-compliant, mobile thin client


Hypori, a virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) solutions provider, showcased the first HIPAA-compliant, mobile thin client at the mHealth summit, an international event exploring mobile and connected health, on November 8-11 in Washington DC.

A thin client is a computer or program that connects to another computer – its server - to fulfil its tasks. Hypori's mobile-first thin client solution provides secure remote access to sensitive data from any mobile devices.

The VMI-based approach ensures HIPAA data stays secure on the server, with no electronic health record (EHR) apps or data at rest.

Hypori's VMI platform allows organizations to extend existing, approved teleworking policies to mobile devices while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Hypori co-founder and chief executive officer Justin Marston said that a VMI-based approach secures mobility in healthcare.

"With our thin client solution, medical professionals can now access data from both healthcare providers and personally owned devices while minimizing the risk of HIPAA-governed content leakage," he explained.

The VMI platform reduces risk due to lost or broken mobile devices in hospitals by centralizing EHI data away from mobile endpoints.

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