Idaho Kidney Institute improves outcomes with secure messaging


Idaho Kidney has experienced benefits from introducing real-time, secure messaging from IM Your Doc secure messaging platform.

This is according to IM Your Doc’s case report on Idaho Kidney Institute, a four-physician practice that has a staff of 50, and treats over 6,700 patients.

“Approximately a year ago, our practice implemented a real-time, secure messaging platform, IM Your Doc.” said Dr Fahim Rahim, managing partner at Idaho Kidney Institute.

“It has improved the overall efficiency of our practice by streamlining our communication. Because of the simplicity of use, and no IT requirements, there was easy adoption among our providers, staff, and referring physicians and hospitalists.

“This encrypted, secure HIPAA-compliant solution has allowed us internally and externally to share PHI, images, documents, and encounter notes on our mobile devices and desktops, through the speed and convenience of text. Not only have we benefitted as a practice, but our patient care and outcomes have also improved as a result of IM Your Doc.”

IM Your Doc is a secure, HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging and image sharing platform that streamlines workflow, enhances care coordination, maximizes against losses related to inefficient communication and improves patient outcomes.

Since Idaho Kidney Institute has implemented the IM Your Doc secure messaging platform, they have minimized avoidable ‘New Start’ dialysis patients’ ED visits, and increased patient compliance. They also have seen greater productivity, improved communication, and faster response times, resulting in better patient care and outcomes.

“The experience at Idaho Kidney Institute demonstrates that the benefits of IM Your Doc extend beyond being secure and HIPAA compliant,” said Dana Allison, chief operating officer of IM Your Doc.

“IM Your Doc can positively impact clinical practices, improve overall care and increase patient satisfaction.”

Idaho Kidney Institute, Dr Fahim Rahim, Dana Allison, US