Innovaccer launches new analytics platform


Innovaccer launches new analytics platform

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Innovaccer, one of the fastest growing health tech companies, has launched Care Intelligence SystemTM, a platform that combines the next-generation technology with healthcare's best practices to deliver data integration, analytics, intelligent process flows, and advanced provider-patient engagement modules.

CMS has introduced many payments models that are making healthcare quality-centric. For these models to be successful, innovations in care delivery have to go beyond the limitations of traditional methods and its ancillary technology and deliver true value-based care. Health IT can leverage advanced technology to deliver meaningful insights from massive data and engage with patients in real-time.

Innovaccer's CISTM has been designed to form the technological backbone for healthcare. Care teams will be able to access standardized and democratized data which can unlock valuable insights. Equipped with Machine Learning, Micro-service architecture, and Artificial Intelligence, CISTM enables improvements in the care continuum.

"Data in healthcare is growing exponentially, which presents an opportunity to capitalize on value-based care. With the right information in real-time, care teams can create impact at scale on population health," said Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "The time has come to leverage innovations in health IT to drive better clinical and financial outcomes. With the experience gained from working with top healthcare organizations, we designed CISTM for healthcare, prioritizing care teams' need to disrupt the traditional care delivery paradigm."

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