Insurtech startup League expands new health benefits offering across US


Insurtech startup League expands new health benefits offering across US

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Insurtech start-up League has expanded its health benefit offering across the US that meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The company has appointed Brian Ancell as its US president to lead its national growth efforts. Ancell has spent his entire career in healthcare, most recently as the president of WellTok and executive vice president of Premera Blue Cross.

According to the company, League is a new digital alternative to traditional health insurance that connects employers and employees to a comprehensive network of health services and benefits.

Based in Chicago, League is now live in the states of Illinois and Washington, and plans to roll out in the top 10 US metro areas by summer 2018. The company claims to be a "new force in the disruptive insurtech space", and aims to transform the "complex, overwhelming health benefits system."

Ancell commented: "It’s time to give consumers the right access, information and financial incentives to make educated choices about their personal health within our health care system, despite what changes may take place. If we give employers and consumers the right tools, they will shape the future of health care in our country."

Mike Serbinis, founder and CEO, League, added: "League is changing an antiquated industry by putting more access and control in the hands of the consumer and creating a product that is tailored to their unique health and wellness needs."

"It’s about dragging the industry out of the stone age," Serbinis remarked. "More than 155 million Americans rely on their employers for health coverage, but very few find it a meaningful experience. League delivers an integrated solution that connects the provider, the consumer and the employer – making the experience of health benefits simply better."

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