IronHealth unveils new risk management product


IronHealth, the specialty healthcare unit of Ironshore, has launched IronCARES, a risk management program designed to complement its Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) reinsurance and provider excess-of-loss insurance solutions.

IronCARES combines IronHealth’s underwriting capabilities with medical professionals and healthcare advisors dedicated to the needs of catastrophic, medically-complex cases. Through this multi-faceted program, IronHealth aims to assist insureds in achieving optimal financial and clinical outcomes related to the management of catastrophic and complex specialty healthcare claims.

“Bearing the financial risk of delivering medical care and, more specifically, managing the unique concerns of catastrophic healthcare claims requires the aid of proven tools and experienced teams,” said Theresa Galizia, vice-president of IronHealth. “We work directly with our insureds on a case-by-case basis to design programs and provide expert support that result in the most cost-effective solution.”

IronCARES risk management support is backed by a team of registered nurses and includes established relationships with national, preferred specialty networks to manage complex medical conditions, including organ transplants, neonatal care, oncology care, dialysis and high cost pharmaceuticals.

IronHealth developed the IronCARES program in direct response to input from its healthcare insureds and brokers nationwide that identified the critical elements of a successful risk management program for complex healthcare claims. Key attributes that form the foundation of the IronCARES program include adaptability, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and individualized access to experienced health professionals. 

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