KINEX USA and NiN Healthcare partner to boost buying power


KINEX USA and NiN Healthcare partner to boost buying power

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KINEX USA and NiN Healthcare have agreed to grant KINEX USA access to over 100 medical device and supply companies that comprise the buying power of NiN Healthcare.

KINEX USA will qualify the network of Courier and Last Mile companies to provide delivery of critically timed medicines, medical devices and medical supplies to the Hospitals and Healthcare facilities throughout the US.

"NiN Healthcare has created a proven and effective purchasing process for the Healthcare industry. The next step is to provide an improved and effective delivery system to meet the needs of each facility," said Bobby Shah, CEO of NiN Healthcare.

"Hospitals and Healthcare facilities have become less dependent upon on site inventory and more reliant upon timely delivery of all goods, including critical deliveries. The KINEX USA platform will ensure the Delivery Network meets all those needs and meets the regulatory and insurance requirements of NiN Healthcare customers."

NiN (Need it Now) Healthcare's Medical Device and Services Marketplace (MDSM) is the first detailed product and services catalogue in the US.

KIMEX USA provides 3rd Party Administrative Management, Custom Insurance Programs through Quasar Risk Advisors, and Custom Solutions for Courier and Transportation Companies throughout the US, including HIPAA, Safety, and Compliance measurement and management.

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