Lash Group introduce patient-centric adherence solutions


Lash Group introduce patient-centric adherence solutions


Lash Group, a patient support services company of AmerisourceBergen, has introduced a set of individualized adherence solutions under the name Thumbprint for manufacturers designed with a focus on patients.

Three service frameworks are offered through Thumbprint, which address predictive therapeutic and condition-related health risks and allow patients to be an active participant in their own care.

The MyCommitment service includes a nursing call center, patient-specific needs assessments and tailored care plans.

The MyTransitions model is aimed at helping a patient maintain their commitment to therapy, and ensures continuity of treatment despite transitions in care by thoughtfully connecting patients with their full healthcare team, including caregivers and providers.

In addition, the MyConnection service supports patients through focused disease state and product education interactions, and helps avoid patient drop off.

The three service frameworks offered through Thumbprint focus on understanding common risk factors that lead to patient drop-off, employing patient-driven touchpoints to maximize patient satisfaction, and enforcing a communication practice built upon empathy and patient empowerment.

Tracy Foster, president of Lash Group, said: “At Lash Group, we are focused on helping patients become champions of their own care plan.

“We are excited to introduce our Thumbprint service models to manufacturers to make sure patients feel informed, involved and cared for on an individual basis, reducing barriers to their treatment. Nearly three in four adults are non-adherent to their therapy in some way. By breaking down the walls between individuals and their healthcare team, as we have with these solutions, we can make strides in reducing that number.”

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