Liaison's ALLOY platform meets HIPAA requirements


The ALLOY platform from Liaison Technologies, a specialist in cloud-based integration and data management offerings, has been certified compliant with three major standards for ensuring data privacy, security and trust.

These are: the federal privacy standard for identifiable health data (HIPAA), the security standard for payment card information (PCI DSS), and the control standard for service organizations (SOC 2).

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Liaison's recent appointment of information security veteran Hmong Vang to the newly established position of chief trust officer.

"Many of our customers work with data that is regulated by more than one of these standards so it's extremely valuable for them to be able to rely on a single trusted cloud provider for compliance of their integration and data management operations across multiple key standards," said Vang.

"At Liaison, we understand the importance of data security and privacy to achieving trust in the cloud and the difficulty our customers face in meeting multiple regulatory requirements that change and become more stringent year over year. By offering inherent compliance through our new cloud-based ALLOY Platform, we are easing the burden of compliance in the cloud for our customers."

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