MediTract unveils compliance e-book


MediTract, an advisor to the healthcare community, has unveiled a new e-book detailing industry best practices for compliant contracting for healthcare professionals.

MediTract’s healthcare compliance experts Sara Low, senior director, business services, and Bret Bissey, senior vice president, compliance services, published the e-book, which consists of eight chapters. 

The book, ‘Back to Basics: Eight Essentials of Healthcare Contract Compliance’, is the result of extensive discussions with healthcare organizations in need of “an effective compliance program that incorporates contracting efforts, protocols and policies”.

“Many of our clients (more than one out of every four hospitals in the country) learn that by applying best practices to their contracting efforts they not only proactively manage a high-risk area, but also achieve operational efficiencies, which are critical to the core missions of their organizations,” said Bissey.

“MediTract recommends that your organization’s contracting best practices become an integral component of your compliance efforts.” 

According to MediTract, the e-book highlights the importance of an effective compliance program within healthcare organizations. It also focuses on actionable best practices for the highly regulated risk area of contracting.

Within the book, the overlap between legal and compliance is discussed, along with decoding healthcare compliance jargon, regulatory influence in contracting and policies and procedures that impact contracting.

It also includes contract compliance points of focus (including HIPAA, the Stark Law, the Anti-kickback Statute and the False Claims Act), the risks of noncompliance and contract compliance guidance and solutions.

Low said: “As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly more complex, healthcare organizations become more susceptible to serious consequences if high-risk contracts are not compliant. Organizations and their personnel are at risk for criminal charges and civil monetary penalties, among others. 

“Tackling contract compliance can be overwhelming without the proper resources. That’s why we’ve authored this e-book to help hospitals start asking questions and applying best practices to their contracting efforts.”

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