MedPro celebrates a landmark anniversary


Medical Protective Company, a Berkshire Hathaway business, has marked the 100-year anniversary of Protector, one of the nation’s first and longest-running healthcare malpractice risk management journals, as well as the continued growth of its Hospital & Health System (HHS) division.

The company marked the anniversary in connection with the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management’s (ASHRM) 33rd Annual Conference in Austin.

“MedPro has been dedicated to reducing risk and improving patient safety for a century,” said Tim Kenesey, its chief executive. “This dedication is demonstrated by both our continuous publication of Protector and by our continuous commitment to delivering smart risk solutions to healthcare providers. MedPro’s unwavering commitment has been valued by our doctors for a century and--over the last decade as we have successfully built our HHS business.”

Protector provides healthcare providers with comprehensive and diverse risk management material. It includes insights from MedPro’s Specialty Advisory Boards, which are led by MedPro’s chief medical officer, Dr. Graham Billingham.

“While healthcare risk management and patient safety initiatives come and go for some, Protector has remained consistently focused on prevalent and emerging risk issues and is a part of MedPro’s broad offerings of risk management expertise and insight, best practices, risk-reduction tools, proactive strategies and valuable resources,” said Theresa Essick, MedPro’s vice-president of Clinical Risk Management.

“As we continue to grow our HHS division, more and more Hospitals and Health Systems are appreciating the unique value of MedPro’s smart risk management solutions.”

With over $75 million in annual premium, MedPro’s Hospital & Health System division provides risk solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems. It covers everything from first-dollar coverage for small rural hospitals to reinsurance for large healthcare systems’ self-insured captives.

MedPro’s HHS division delivers self-insured retention options, reinsurance, fronted reinsurance, loss portfolio transfers, as well as captive formation, management and consulting.

“By leveraging the peace of mind that comes from MedPro’s unmatched A++ financial strength and policy coverage, winning claims defense and smart risk management solutions delivered locally through a nationwide network of MedPro professionals, and unparalleled expertise developed from our century-leading doctor malpractice insurance business, MedPro – together with our Princeton subsidiary – has built a leading hospital and system healthcare malpractice solutions business,” said HHS lead underwriter Jeff Kinniard.

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