MedRisk board updates guidelines on certain injury types


MedRisk board updates guidelines on certain injury types

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MedRisk’s International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), which oversees all clinical aspects of MedRisk’s medical management programs including the development and maintenance of its proprietary evidence-based treatment guidelines, has updated its evidence-based, expert consensus treatment guidelines for the physical rehabilitation of upper extremity, hand and wrist, and low back injuries.

ISAB made changes to MedRisk’s upper extremity (shoulder and elbow) guidelines, increasing the duration and adjusting the recommended timing and frequency of visits for surgical cases. The number of visits for surgical and non-surgical hand and wrist guidelines and carpal tunnel was decreased, and ISAB recommended a reduction in visits for acute surgical low back cases.

ISAB meets annually to review current scientific literature and new treatment protocols and calls upon the expertise of its members when updating MedRisk’s guidelines. The guidelines provide recommendations beyond just the number of visits and consider such things as modality, timing, surgery, chronicity, delayed treatment, complexity, and comorbidities.

“Our treatment guidelines are unique in that they are specific to physical medicine,” said Mary O’Donoghue, MedRisk’s chief clinical and product officer. “They power MedRisk’s Platinum Grade managed care program and provide the additional detail needed to make a real difference in the quality of care.”

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