Meridios achieves Bridges to Excellence Recognition


Software developer Meridios has received certification as a data aggregator for Bridges to Excellence (BTE) from the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3), a non-profit group that promotes the use of evidence-based incentive programs and payment reform.

"There continues to be a prevailing myth that meaningful data cannot be systematically extracted from EMR systems to create comprehensive quality dashboards for clinicians," said Francois de Brantes, executive director of HCI3. "Meridios' efforts prove the myth wrong."

Meridios is the first electronic medical records organization approved by HCI3 to become a data aggregator, the conduit through which clinician medical record data is passed to performance assessment organizations for scoring to assess whether clinicians should be recognized.

Meridios has met HCI3's requirements and now works with customers who submit their data for a performance assessment for scoring using the BTE Recognition Care program criteria. The scoring results are then communicated back to the clinicians and practices.

This automated performance assessment process allows for rapid and independent medical record-based clinician performance evaluations by connecting electronic medical record data sources or data aggregators to a network of performance assessment organizations.

BTE works with Meridios to facilitate clinician performance assessment in order to: reduce the reporting burden for clinicians; leverage existing reporting/data aggregation initiatives; reduce data collection and reporting costs; facilitate the connection between quality improvement and incentives; and speed up cycle times between reporting and quality improvement.

"These data aggregation programs are instrumental to helping health care providers bridge the gap between perception and reality," says Patrick Clark, chief executive officer (CEO) of Meridios. "Our team is really excited and proud to work with HCIon programs like these. HCIcontinues to prove they are leaders in this space."

Bridges to Excellence Clinician Recognition programs are intended to identify clinicians who deliver high-value care to patients with specific chronic conditions. The programs each comprise a set of clinical measures representing standards of care for patients with these conditions.

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