Mevesi launches transitional care network solution


Data solution provider Mevesi has launched a new system aimed at integrating health care systems and pharmacies to manage at risk patients. 

Mevesi 4.0 offers healthcare systems a transitional care network solution that can be integrated with Mevesi’s population management solution for pharmacies.

Customers can now refer at risk patients to integrated pharmacies through the platform, while also increasing patient health care outcomes, reducing readmission cost and increasing quality of service, according to Mevesi. 

"Healthcare systems too often are being challenged managing at risk patients in an outpatient setting and we can simplify this process," said Omar Sosa, president of Mevesi. "With our transitional care network solution we expect to empower hospitals and pharmacies by providing them the technology to collaborate in the continuum of patient care in an integrated solution”

Steve Parsons, director of operations at Mevesi, added: “Our goal with the transitional care network is to extend the reach of healthcare systems in the community by leveraging local pharmacist whom patients already trust. This gives hospitals and pharmacies new opportunities to increase healthcare outcomes in the community while creating financial rewards for both organizations. 

“The transitional care network is integrated with over 14 pharmacy management systems, with 40,000 pharmacy customers, which means the hospitals will have a seamless integration with most pharmacies.”

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