Modernized digital applications set to save almost a million hours per year


Capriza, a specialist in business application modernization, says it will help KVC Health Systems save approximately 75 minutes a day each by enabling HIPAA-compliant mobile reporting capabilities.

It said that simplifying common workflows by deploying easy-to-use mobile apps will free nearly 17,500 hours a month that can be invested into the children and families they serve.

KVC provides in-home family support, foster care, adoption, behavioral healthcare and other services that touch the lives of nearly 60,000 children and families each year across four states.

Due to KVC’s commitment to providing therapy and other support in the family’s home as opposed to in an office setting, 92 percent of its workforce is mobile, currently using multiple methods to capture client data, including paper forms or digital applications, that is then oftentimes required to be reentered into the company’s digital databases.

Recent healthcare reforms, including the Affordable Care Act’s Meaningful Use requirements, are putting increased pressure on healthcare organizations to minimize the amount of resources devoted to administrative tasks. To meet this challenge while remaining HIPAA compliant, KVC employees can now submit reports in real time and on-the-go on mobile devices, no longer needing to return to the office at the end of the day to manually enter all reports.

This allows both direct service staff and managers to focus more energy and resources providing customer care instead of focusing on administrative tasks and approval processes.

“The vast majority of our team is mobile and needs to be able to collect data on-the-go in a HIPAA and state compliant manner. However, current reporting methods are very resource intensive and often require more steps than necessary,” said Lonnie Johnson, vice president of Business Information Technology at KVC Health Systems.

“Another important consideration is the time it takes for data collected in the field to be entered and acted upon. Capriza mobilizes our workflows, allowing employees to enter client information in real time and enabling managers to make decisions before staff have even returned to the office.”

This mobile transformation functions on existing systems, adding new capabilities to legacy infrastructure. Capriza combines multiple workflows into a single interface, and can alert workers through proactive push notifications. These and additional features can be customized through Capriza’s no-code platform.

“Developer resources are limited, so it’s essential we have a platform that nearly everyone can customize to their particular uses,” added Johnson. “With Capriza, we can easily build Zapps that are fully compliant with state and federal requirements that enable our workers to complete their tasks with a single touch. By modernizing, simplifying and expediting existing digital applications, we expect to see an increase in productivity of up to 20 percent during the next 12 months, which means better care for the individuals we serve.”

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