Montrose Memorial Hospital risk manager wins Healthcare Star Award


Montrose Memorial Hospital risk manager wins Healthcare Star Award

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American Sentinel University and the Colorado Hospital Association have named Jessie Neitzer, MBA, director of Quality, Risk Management, and Compliance at Montrose Memorial Hospital as a Colorado Healthcare Star Award winner. This award recognizes Neitzer as an exceptional healthcare professional.

Colorado Healthcare Stars is a statewide healthcare professional award recognition program sponsored by American Sentinel University and the Colorado Hospital Association. The program was launched in February 2015 to acknowledge industry professionals in Colorado who exceed expectations in the delivery of healthcare.

Neitzer plays a key role at Montrose Memorial Hospital, setting priorities for the hospital’s performance improvement, performing risk management, and establishing patient safety programs in accordance with the organization’s mission and strategic plan.

Dr. Alan Saliman, chief medical officer at Montrose Memorial Hospital, said: “Jessie’s energy, passion, and intelligence are infectious. No matter how many projects she’s juggling, we know they’re in good hands and handled quite efficiently to reflect positively on the organization.

“It’s Neitzer’s attention to detail and passion for her job and exceeding expectations that make Jessie our Healthcare Star.”

Chris Wolfe, vice president of Partner Relations and Program Strategy at American Sentinel University, added: “Performance and improvements are critical to a healthcare facility. Through Jessie’s watchful eye, Montrose Memorial Hospital promotes optimal healthcare outcomes aligned with its policies, procedures, philosophy, mission, and objectives. We are proud to recognize Jessie Neitzer for her valuable contributions to healthcare and honor her work as a Colorado Healthcare Star.”

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