MPIRICA Health partners with Advanced Plan for Health


MPIRICA Health partners with Advanced Plan for Health

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MPIRICA Health, a healthcare data analytics technology company, has unveiled a partnership that will support Advanced Plan for Health (APH) on offering healthcare analytics guidance for self-insured employers, health insurance brokers and health plan providers.

By using MPIRICA's trusted measurement of surgery quality, APH will benefit from an outcomes-based methodology derived from decades of applied medical quality data analysis experience. The partnership will help APH’s customers to make informed population health management decisions that reduce costs and optimize a group's overall health and health plan.

"We've had great success in optimizing self-insured employers' health plans with our proprietary technology, and this partnership will only strengthen our toolset," said Neil Godbey, CEO of APH.

"MPIRICA has a unique and innovative approach to objective quality transparency, and their solid, risk-adjusted methodology makes them really stand out in the market."

MPIRICA's unique 3-digit scoring system (similar to a credit score) reports the surgery performance of hospitals and surgeons for over 850 inpatient and outpatient procedures. Godbey plans to integrate MPIRICA Quality Scores into APH's Poindexter, a data analytics risk engine custom-built for population health management.

"We are pleased to have been chosen by APH to help reduce both risks and costs associated with expensive, low-quality surgery providers," said Shakil Haroon, founder and CEO of MPIRICA. "APH customers already have a great technology platform working on their behalf in Poindexter, and the use of our data from the MPIRICA Quality Scores will make their offering even stronger."

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