MRM Group releases opioid prescription management toolkit


MRM Group, a national provider of healthcare risk management and patient safety solutions, has released an opioid prescription management toolkit.

Widely considered a national epidemic, abuse of prescription opioids has become a growing health issue in the US and globally. Further, many states are evaluating and implementing legislation that regulates how and to whom opioids are prescribed.

MRM Group’s opioid prescription management toolkit helps healthcare providers navigate the increasing complexity of prescribing opioids to patients who need them, while ensuring their safety and achieving regulatory compliance.

The solution includes live and online education, as well as audits, assessments, and best practice guidelines.

Instrumental in the development and early adoption of the prescription management toolkit is ProHealth Physicians, a large primary care physician organization located in Connecticut.

Dr Rubin Hirsch, the chairman of ProHealth’s risk management committee, commented: “As a large practice with dozens of sites and hundreds of providers, prescribing controlled substances in a safe, timely, and appropriate fashion while keeping the proper care and safety of our thousands of patients a top priority presents a multitude of challenges.

“MRM Group enabled us to identify where our potential exposures are and helped us to understand the risks associated with prescribing controlled substances. This allowed us to develop best practices centered around the concept of safe and effective prescribing and to implement procedures consistent with the highest standards of care.”

Dr Marybeth Ellison, medical director of ProHealth Physician’s Connecticut Center for ADHD added, “MRM Group continues to be on the forefront of patient safety, helping us identify emerging risk exposures and take the steps necessary to educate our practitioners. The MRM Group program has provided excellent resources to improve the way we manage medications.”

MGM Group, Dr Rubin Hirsch, US