New app enables HIPAA compliant consultations between healthcare colleagues


Image Consult, a new HIPPA compliant iPhone/iPad appl, enables healthcare professionals to share images for consultations with colleagues. 

It aims to save healthcare professionals significant time and improves outcomes.

Steve Martin, strategic reviewer for MedaNext on the Image Consult product, said: “Image Consult solves a huge problem that the industry has had for years -quick colleague collaboration. 

“In my case, as a physician’s assistant, I coordinate a lot of information between myself and physicians - and much of it is visual in nature. Leveraging secure technology to enable quick decisions will save patients, physicians and the healthcare system significant amounts of time and money.”

Kelly Altom, chief executive officer of MedaNext, added: “It seems that everything we do on the internet is tracked, collated and permanent. Image Consult protects privacy by requiring only a user ID and password from users and all photos and notes about patients are completely deleted after 24 hours. Image Consult’s only goal is to help providers get the information they need to help patients.”

Image Consult is published by MedaNext and is available in the Apple App Store. 

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