New app helps improve care


A new app has been launched to help healthcare managers improve levels of care, reduce risk and manage costs using an iPad.

Kronos Incorporated’s healthcare-specific Workforce Tablet Analytics application provides healthcare organizations with real-time visibility into actionable productivity and labor cost management data from anywhere, at any time.

Susan Reese, director of Kronos’ healthcare practice group, said: "The need to focus on patient outcomes while managing cost is essential. One of the costliest risks healthcare organizations can take is mismatching labor to demand.

“They need real-time visibility to make evidence-based decisions as they try to balance labor costs without sacrificing quality of care. By leveraging the convenience and capabilities of a workforce management mobile application with the processing power, large-screen real estate, and usability of a tablet, healthcare leaders can now achieve optimal staffing levels matched to patient requirements."

As Affordable Care Act compliance pressure is applied, the app is a response to a growing demand to provide services that deliver the best-possible outcomes for the money spent.
It is designed to make it easy to reveal root causes and trends by transforming volumes of transactions into actionable information.
It provides managers and executives with the metrics, alerts, and guidance needed to effectively align labor hours against budget through real-time, configurable dashboards, graphical KPI displays, and drill-down reports. By offering visibility into specific pay or time periods and identifying trends, the application enables managers to take corrective actions easily through a single view from any unit, floor, or building.

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