New healthcare company launches in California


New healthcare company launches in California

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Healthcare organization Canopy Health has announced its launch in the San Francisco Bay Area through affiliations with primary care providers, community hospitals and physicians in the region.

The alliance is composed of nearly 4,000 providers, 15 hospitals, and several renowned care centers across 7 counties in the Bay Area.

Canopy stated that it aims to improve the health and well being of the Bay Area population with new provider-sponsored health plans and options that offer increased access, transparent coverage, and more personalized care.

"Canopy Health was formed to unify the outstanding physicians and hospitals that we have here in the Bay Area and to strengthen the health and wellness of our region and the communities we serve," said Joel Criste, CEO of Canopy Health.

The organization accepts risk for health plan enrollees, and provide them with quality care in the appropriate setting.

Denise Vance-Rodrigues, director of business development for Canopy Health, commented: "We're really dedicated to the idea of transparent care and coverage. The goal is for our members to have an honest and effective healthcare experience without any surprises."

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