New IT solution tackles dangerous language barriers


A new IT solution has been created to remove linguistic barriers between patients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities on a cost effective, 24-7-365 basis.

The Language Access Solution (LAS) has been created by Eloquence Communications in response to the fact that in the US today, 20 percent of the population has limited English proficiency (LEP), which accounts for over 65 million people. 

For healthcare facilities, patients with LEP have a higher rate of hospital readmission and longer in-patient stays.  Trained interpreters help overcome the existing communication barriers; however, the availability of resources, the ease of access, and the usage of an interpreter is suboptimal. 

Eloquence's Language Access Solution (LAS) empowers patients and caregivers by providing patients with immediate access to a live interpreter with the touch of a digital button. 

Without this tool, patients are far more likely to experience a misdiagnosis, greater risk of medication reactions, have an increased risk of medical non-compliance, and have a higher rate of readmission. 

As well as offering live interpretation, the touchscreen tablet device displays 30 of the most common requests in a broad range of languages. If a patient is in need of assistance, is experiencing pain, or needs a drink of water, their request is routed to the appropriate caregiver on their mobile device.

The nurse or aide acknowledges the request and a confirmation is sent back to the patient – translated to their preferred language. 

The Eloquence LAS system touchscreen Interpreter button connect patients directly with a live interpreter.

Dr Lance Patak, co-founder of Eloquence Communications, said: "Eloquence understands the unique challenges nursing staff and patients face every day to communicate effectively and efficiently.  We have committed this company to helping healthcare facilities achieve optimal staffing allocation and workflow efficiency while driving improvements in patient communication, safety, outcomes, and satisfaction, in an impactful way."

Eloquence Communications, Dr Lance Patak, US