New video series aims to demystify HIPAA


To more easily decipher complicated Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security requirements, data security and compliance specialist SecurityMetrics has produced the HIPAA Snippets series, a sequence of 60-second videos outlining best practices for healthcare practices to comply with technical HIPAA requirements.

Tackling topics such as social media compliance and remote access, HIPAA Snippets covers complex subjects in ways office managers nationwide can understand.

Many small to mid-size healthcare organizations find it difficult to keep up with HIPAA compliance requirements. Often, the responsibility of risk management and compliance falls to overburdened office managers or physicians who lack security training.

"The HIPAA Snippets series is designed to teach data security in a manner that is as enjoyable as it is instructive," said Russell Stay, SecurityMetrics vice-president of business operations. "Our goal is to painlessly deliver compliance and peace of mind. Devoting as little as 10 minutes each week to privacy and security rules can create demonstrable progress towards HIPAA compliance."

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