New website launched for risk professionals


A new website that aims to be a bible for risk professionals launched this week. RiskEpedia ( aims to offer answers to daily risk-related problems, and to provide the information needed to complete complex risk research projects.

The goal of RiskEpedia is to provide an international think tank environment where the concepts and challenges associated with risk will be analyzed, revised, reconfigured and redefined.

The initial professional content for the RiskEpedia was developed by founder Dick Rupp based on his 54 years of risk management and insurance experience. 

“The concept for RiskEpedia evolved from the glossaries I had previously written,” he said. “I wanted to expand on my previous works and felt the best way to do this was to encourage others in the field of risk management to contribute their expertise in the form of papers and articles that expanded on my definitions of risk terminology.”

The site is structured so that other risk professionals can contribute their wisdom in a structured and edited format.  It includes an extensive glossary of terms associated with the risk profession.  The glossary acts as an index for papers and articles submitted by risk professionals that serve to enhance and support the glossary’s definition of a term. Additionally there is a bibliography of the glossary terms that refers risk professionals to specific pages in business and college level text books that address specific terms.

Since the concepts and challenges of risk are not the concern of any one organization, profession, industry or country, Rupp’s hope is that RiskEpedia will provide and foster a dynamic, fluid environment in which to challenge current thinking about risk, and to develop paths to more efficient risk management on an international basis going forward. 



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