New York cardiologist sues Aetna over $1m unpaid claims


New York cardiologist sues Aetna over $1m unpaid claims

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New York cardiologist Perry Frankel is suing health insurer Aetna for "breach of contract" with his practice, Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics (ACD), in a lawsuit filed on May 29, 2018.

The suit, filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, follows a year-long battle to pay out nearly $1 million worth of claims for Covered Services of Aetna plan members, according to a statement issued by ACD.

Aetna ordered ACD to cease all medical care provided specifically by its mobile clinic in May 2017.

"Aetna's reckless behavior has already compromised the health and well-being of thousands," said Frankel, president and chief cardiologist of ACD. "This is life-or-death for countless members whose claims have been denied without cause or explanation."

Attorney Todd Cushner of Cushner & Associates, added: "Aetna's sudden refusal to pay more than $900,000 of medical claims for hardworking union and city workers under their coverage is nothing more than corporate greed and discrimination."

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