Nobilis launches new healthcare payment and delivery platform


Nobilis launches new healthcare payment and delivery platform


Nobilis Health Corp has launched Concertis, a comprehensive technology platform that will develop new payment and delivery methodologies to enhance value for patients, payers, and providers across the continuum of care. 

Marissa Arreola, a former health law partner at the firm Baker Donelson, will lead this division as its president. 

Concertis will align independent physicians and healthcare facilities with payers to offer alternatives to the traditional fee-for-service model. 

The company will negotiate with payers (insurance companies and self-insured employers) to combine reimbursement for multiple providers and facilities into a single comprehensive bundled payment that covers all of the services involved in a patient's episode of care. This clinical integration strategy will result in improved patient outcomes, integrated care, expense savings, and enhanced revenue, according to Nobilis.

The bundled payment component of this clinical integration product will also provide a warranty for surgical services, alleviating financial risk for payers and patients. 

Concertis will aggregate patient data culled from multiple platforms and analyze it to manage specific diseases and episodes of care. This data tool will enable healthcare providers, facilities, and payers to improve clinical and financial outcomes through implementation of clinical best practices. 

Concertis will track data as well as take action by engaging patients in their treatment and recovery plans. 

The platform’s care navigation team will work with patients until 30-60 days following surgery, and all complications and readmissions occurring during the warranty period will be covered within the initial bundled payment, alleviating financial risk for payers and patients. 

Concertis' care navigators will serve as concierges to patients, guiding them through the entire episode of care to provide a personalized healthcare experience that will minimize costly post-surgical complications. 

"Concertis' proprietary technology platform coupled with its commitment to developing unique bundled payment networks will result in high quality healthcare without the financial and administrative burdens of traditional fee-for service model," said Arreola.

Harry Fleming, chief executive officer, Nobilis, added: "Bundled payments and performance based healthcare are going to be the driving force of healthcare as the industry moves to more efficient and cost effective delivery of healthcare services.

"Nobilis is positioning itself to be at the forefront of this movement by investing in the talent and technology today. 

He added: “As we roll out the Concertis model we expect it will contribute a significant number of patients to our network of physicians to supplement our proven technology based marketing model.”

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