Norwood Urgent Care builds cutting edge isolation room


Norwood Urgent Care Clinic in Norwood, Massachusetts has built a cutting edge isolation room for potential high risk patients. It utilises the Health Risk Management System (HRMS), an environmental disinfection system manufactured by American Green Technology (AGT).

Unlike most traditional walk-in treatment centers, the Norwood facility has invested heavily in technology like on-site lab testing, cardiac monitoring, CT scan, X-Ray and ultrasound services in order to offer alternative healthcare options to consumers.   

"Our goal at Norwood is to set a standard of excellence for urgent care clinics across the US," said Justin Mavromatis, operations director.

"We feel the HRMS is an innovative product to add to our repertoire of healthcare technology.  Given the news reports of growing concerns over antibiotic resistant superbugs and the fact we are in the middle of flu season, providing unparalleled patient care is priority one. We think using an HRMS in our isolation room can help accomplish that goal in urgent care clinics. Norwood Urgent Care will be the facility that is prepared for any medical condition that may arise."

Danny Bogar, CEO of AGT, added: "Clinics like Norwood are the perfect application for the HRMS. The HRMS is an environmental disinfection system that effectively purifies the air and reduces the concentration of dangerous surface pathogens like MRSA, influenza and C. difficile which combined kill over 70,000 people each year."

Located 25 miles from Boston, Norwood Urgent Care anticipates opening five additional centers surrounding the Greater Boston area in the near future.  

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