NTT DATA collaborates with Imbio on lung analytics


NTT DATA collaborates with Imbio on lung analytics

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NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, has partnered with Imbio to provide algorithms for lung analytics, designed to enhance automated tools for assisting radiology.

The algorithms from Imbio provide for fully-automated quantification and visualization of lung structure, which is key to personalized diagnosis, surgical planning and therapy response monitoring, a joint press release said.

The Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) services from NTT DATA include a universal imaging analytics solution that supports machine vision and neural networks to more rapidly identify the extent of disease and accelerate the identification of incidental findings for early detection of potential chronic disease.

“We are working to break down the barriers to broader use of clinically valuable quantitative imaging. This partnership with NTT DATA Services will help accelerate the availability and scalability in the cloud for fully automated lung analysis tools designed to assist routine radiological image reading,” said Dave Hannes, chief operating officer of Imbio.

“Working with the UCA solution is directly aligned with our focus on fully-automated applications to improve productivity, while making richer, personalized patient analysis accessible to all physicians.”

Carl Fuhrman, of UPMC Radiology, said: “The concept of ‘personalized medicine’ is at the forefront of current medical practice with medical decisions and treatment being tailored to the individual patient. In radiology, the descriptive terminology regarding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, such as ‘mild’ or ‘moderate,’ are no longer acceptable to accurately assess disease.

“Imbio allows for accurate and reproducible quantitative measurements of COPD, providing more specific measurement of disease severity and progression over serial examinations, which is crucial to our mission of personalized medicine.”

Dan Allison, president of global healthcare and life sciences at NTT DATA, said: “We’re extremely pleased to expand our cloud offerings and look forward to Imbio’s insights into emerging tools that will help our clients accelerate patient care and engagement, while also participating in driving the value of medical imaging.”

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