Nuance updates computer-assisted physician documentation solution


Nuance updates computer-assisted physician documentation solution


Nuance Communications (Nuance) has updated Dragon Medical Advisor, a computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solution that fits into existing Dragon Medical and physician workflows, to help improve the completeness and accuracy of medical records.

Dragon Medical Advisor provides real-time, automated advice to physicians at the time of care using expanded content with essential ICD-10 diagnosis codes and CMS Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) that better define patients’ true medical conditions.

It helps providers capture appropriate reimbursement for the disease burden of patients and avoid penalties for ICD-10 non-compliance in effect after the grace period ended October 1, 2016.

“Hospitals and health systems desperately need technology that makes it easier for physicians to paint a more complete and accurate picture of the patient’s condition through documentation without adding to the myriad of administrative tasks that burden physicians today,” said Patrick Gardner, general manager of Clintegrity, Nuance Communications.

“With Dragon Medical Advisor, we’ve enabled any physician, using any EHR, to actually increase the completeness of their patient notes while simultaneously reducing the time required for clinical documentation.”

By providing CAPD technology and services for clinical documentation improvement (CDI), physician notes’ more accurately reflect patient health risks and physicians are three times more likely to document specificity.

“There are plenty of solutions that can help take something physicians don’t like to do and allow them to get it done faster,” said Brian Lancaster, executive director of information management at Nebraska Medicine.

“But we took a look at the bigger picture of voice recognition technologies and discovered how evidence-based guidelines and new therapies are exploding in this space, and we found that only Nuance is on the leading edge of this trend toward higher-order voice recognition solutions.

“We not only wanted to positively impact our physicians’ satisfaction with the electronic medical record, but we also wanted to guide them to achieve an even higher quality of care. These technologies work together toward those goals."

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