NZ launches ‘airline-style’ safety card for hospital patients


A new ‘airline-style’ patient safety card and video has been made available to all New Zealand hospitals.

New Zealand’s associate minister of health Peter Dunne said the airline industry leads the way on safety and the resources echo the industry’s simple way of ensuring people know how to stay safe.

“Based on the concept of safety advice given on aircraft before take-off, the information card has simple advice about things such as preventing falls, blood clots, pressure injuries and infections. The video has similar information,” he said.

The card and video will give patients more confidence and let them know what to expect during their stay in hospital, he added.

“Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff work hard to ensure everyone in New Zealand receives safe, quality health care. For example, hospitals have introduced measures to prevent people from falling, getting infections or being given the wrong medicines, and programs to make surgery as safe as possible.

“But there are also simple things patients can do to keep themselves safer, such as using a walking aid if they need one, doing simple leg and ankle exercises, washing their hands and talking to their doctor, nurse or pharmacists if they have any questions or concerns about their medicines,” Dunne said.

The card and video have been adapted from resources used by National Health Service Trusts in England, and tested with a New Zealand audience.

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