OneBeacon chooses MRM to create education program


OneBeacon Insurance has selected MRM Group to create and deliver a unique risk education program that will be made available to their medical liability policyholders.

MRM Group, a provider of healthcare risk management and patient safety solutions, has custom-designed the program which will provide policyholders with a CME-accredited education program.

The program is designed to increase their knowledge of clinical, regulatory, and legal risk exposures, and to instil best practices in risk mitigation and avoidance.

Multiple program options will be available, ranging from online-only learning modules, to live webcasts, to in-person presentations and case reviews delivered by experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys and practicing healthcare providers.

MRM Group’s cloud-based technology platform will be used to deploy, manage, and track participation, as well as to deliver web-based content to policyholders.

Steve Spina, president of OneBeacon’s healthcare division, said: “OneBeacon is committed to respond to the complex changes in the healthcare liability space, and our collaboration with MRM Group is a reflection of that commitment.

“For several years, we have worked with MRM Group to provide risk education programs for clients, designed to help them both mitigate risk and increase patient safety. Now, through our deepened relationship, we will be able to scale this initiative, delivering a highly-valuable benefit across our national client base,” Spina added.

Kevin Kelly, MRM Group’s president and chief executive officer, added: “We are very pleased to have been selected by OneBeacon to create and deliver risk education products for their healthcare clients. The development and deployment of OneBeacon’s continuing education program is a testament to the results our programs have been able to achieve.

“Hospitals and physician practices have been able to realize dramatic reductions in claim frequency and severity, and most importantly, patients have been able to enjoy better, safer experiences and clinical outcomes. We are very excited about our continued work with OneBeacon and look forward to working with their policyholders on a much broader scale.”

OneBeacon is offering this program as a healthcare professional liability policyholder benefit. 

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