Partners HealthCare contracts QPID Health for EHR based improvements


Partners HealthCare has signed QPID Health to an expanded enterprise-wide software and services agreement.

QPID Health helps hospitals and medical groups achieve their quality goals by generating actionable patient facts from electronic health records.

Over the next two years, Partners HealthCare will roll out QPID Health solutions across all ten of its hospitals and associated physician organizations. QPID will integrate with Partners eCare, an Epic-based system for clinical and administrative functions, as well as legacy systems.

"Partners HealthCare has made a significant investment in our Epic electronic health record," said Jim Noga, chief information officer, Partners HealthCare System. "QPID's software will be fully integrated with Partners eCare and helping to ensure that we optimize our investment."

Timothy Ferris, vice president of population health, said: "Effectively using patient data for quality reporting and optimal patient outcomes is increasingly important as we move towards value-based care. QPID Health software, which we are now deploying to all of our hospitals, will help to ensure appropriate use of high-cost, high-volume surgical procedures.

“This agreement will help provide our physicians with the specific patient information that they need to attest to use of evidence-based guidelines. Not only is this the right thing to do for patients, it also reduces costs where we share risk with government and commercial payers."

Gregg Meyer, chief clinical officer at Partners HealthCare, added: "By removing the burden of slogging through a very high volume of digital data, QPID Health helps enable better care decisions and understand where we stand in terms of achieving our quality goals."

Massachusetts General Hospital began using the first generation of QPID software nearly ten years ago. Partners has realized return on investment from eliminating unnecessary cancellations, protecting patient safety, improved utilization management, and earning CMS bonuses and avoiding penalties. 

Mike Doyle, QPID health president and CEO, stated: "Despite widespread industry adoption, the majority of data contained within EHRs remains unstructured and difficult to use for reporting and at the point-of-care. Leveraging all the data from within the EHR is an imperative as momentum towards lowering costs while improving outcomes builds. Partners HealthCare has been a longtime and invaluable partner to QPID and we are proud to expand our relationship."

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