Patient safety awareness week will focus on 365-day care


Medication safety and healthcare culture and safety will be the focus of this year’s Patient Safety Week, which runs from March 3 to March 9.

Led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), the week aims to remind healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers that providing safe patient care requires constant dedication and effort, 365 days a year.

The seven days of the campaign also serve as time to recognize the focused work and efforts to improve healthcare safety worldwide.

“Patient Safety Awareness Week encourages a sustainable and conscientious collaboration between health care organisations, providers and consumers,” said Patricia McGaffigan, interim president of the NPSF. “The week is intended to imprint an indelible statement that efforts towards patient safety must be collaborative and that we must never be satisfied with the status quo.”

Since 2002, NPSF has led health care organizations around the world in this week long campaign in educating and increasing awareness around improving patient safety at a local level. This year, in partnership with other organizations, NPSF will mark the week with activities for providers and health care consumers, including a webcast on medication safety self-assessment for hospitals and a Twitter chat about opoid prescribing and opoid safety.

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