PatientsLikeMe names SVP


PatientsLikeMe names SVP

PatientsLikeMe, a healthcare research network, has appointed Marni Hall, as its senior vice president of research and policy.

Hall, a qualified research scientist and public policy expert, will manage the strategies and teams focused on succeeding the role of real-world evidence in precision medicine, and in the research program of PatientsLikeMe and its customers.

Before this role, Hall worked for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she was recently director of regulatory science within the office of surveillance and epidemiology for the FDA’s center for drug evaluation and research.

Throughout this role, she became professional at sourcing and analyzing large data sets, including detailed event reports, claims and other data useful to assess risks and risk management activities.

Hall also led data management and program operations, as well as research and development attempts to identify, evaluate and implement new data, tools and methods to support regulatory decision making.

Martin Coulter, chief executive officer of PatientsLikeMe, said: “Hall will now apply her strategic research and operational expertise to help us work with our members and partners to use patient-reported data in new and innovative ways, so that the patient experience can lead to even more significant developments and discoveries, such as improved outcomes.”

Hall said: “PatientsLikeMe has been a critical force in documenting and analyzing real-life patient experience and evolving the role of real-world evidence drives a future where healthcare is able to emphasize individual needs and preferences.

“I am thrilled to join a company that is so focused on helping people thrive each day, while collecting data essential to this emerging field.”

Whilst training to be a research scientist, Hall has had almost 20 years at the center of science and policy. After serving as program director in the public health group of external medical affairs at Pfizer, she joined the FDA’s office of planning and informatics in 2008 as a principal analyst.

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