PBGH partners with EdLogics to provide better health education and engagement


PBGH partners with EdLogics to provide better health education and engagement


The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) has entered into a partnership with EdLogics, an education-based consumer engagement company, to provide innovative health education and employee engagement solutions to PBGH's employer-members.

More than 90 million Americans are at risk for preventable health problems because of low health literacy, and 80 percent of people forget their physician's instructions by the time they reach the parking lot. The cost of low health literacy in the United States has been estimated to be as high as $238 billion annually.

EdLogics combines the power of interactive game-based learning, multimedia educational videos, gamification strategies, a personalized recommendation engine, and a proprietary incentive system to deliver an individualized and highly engaging user experience.

Through improved understanding of important health issues, medications, health insurance and financial wellness, EdLogics helps employees become smarter consumers of healthcare services and increase awareness and utilization of employer-sponsored population health management programs.

“We are excited about our relationship with EdLogics. Their product is unique, innovative, and unlike any other our employer-members have seen in the marketplace,” said Jessica Brooks, PBGH’s chief executive officer (CEO) and executive director.

“And, the result of our pilot program were very promising. We are looking forward to helping our employer-members leverage the EdLogics platform to increase health literacy, improve medication compliance, and optimize health outcomes for their employees.”

Thomas Chamberlain, founder and CEO of EdLogics, said: “We are thrilled to be offering our engaging and affordable Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution to PBGH's employer members to help them reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditures and improve the health and wellness of their employees and covered dependents.”

“Having the endorsement of PBGH further validates EdLogics' value proposition and reinforces our position as a market leader in providing innovative consumer engagement solutions for the healthcare industry."

The announcement is being made in conjunction with PBGH’s Annual Health Care and Benefits Symposium, which is slated for Thursday, Sept. 8, at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, uniting nearly 400 business, HR and benefits professionals to discuss the changing health care landscape in the region.

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