PointClickCare introduces skin and wound care smartphone app


PointClickCare introduces skin and wound care smartphone app


PointClickCare launched a skin and wound smartphone app that integrates with the PointClickCare EHR platform to advance senior care through technology and innovation.

Over the next day at the AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo, PointClickCare will showcase its complete solution, with product demonstrations specifically focused on the new skin and wound smartphone app, designed to help senior care providers deliver more connected and collaborative care.

Wound care represents a major risk to Long-Term Post-Accute Care (LTPAC) providers and is a frequent source of claims against providers. As a result, providers must show that they are a trusted partner in the care continuum to help manage this risk and guarantee compliance. PointClickCare places the value-add tools in the hands of the care team to ensure proper treatment and recovery of residents.

“The secure, HIPAA compliant / EHR-linked skin and wound smartphone app from PointClickCare has allowed us to develop consistency in our wound assessment and documentation. This consistency, with the ability to track and communicate wound status, is a significant part of our risk mitigation strategy,” said Amy Cassata, quality improvement nurse consultant at Great Lakes Healthcare Group.

“Since we’ve started to use the PointClickCare skin and wound smartphone app, our team can identify the exact current status of a wound’s healing progress more quickly, conduct analytics and provide outcomes data for the EHR. This gives us a huge advantage because we are confident that we are meeting public health compliance and better managing our care,” added Cassata.

The PointClickCare skin and wound smartphone app automates best practices in documenting wounds, aiming to help to improve care delivery, mitigate risk, increase operational efficiency, increase collaboration between team members, and improve resident engagement.

“We understand that our customers, the leading LTPAC providers in North America, must use technology as a key part of their care services, resident and family engagement, and business operations,” said Dave Wessinger, chief technology officer at PointClickCare.

“We are pleased to fill this demand with solutions like the skin and wound smartphone app to help them generate better clinical outcomes and manage risk with more transparency and access to critical data.”

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