Predictive analytics tool is re-launched


Delphi Technology, a company that specialises in technology solutions for the medical professional liability and risk management industries, has released the latest version of OASIS Predictive Analytics for Physician Loss, a predictive analytics solution built specifically to enable medical professional liability insurers and healthcare risk managers to target, assess and manage physician risks.

The algorithms in this analytic tool are newly recalibrated to take advantage of the latest data available resulting in increasingly powerful results. Available as a stand-alone solution or as part of Delphi's fully-integrated OASIS suite, OASIS Predictive Analytics for Physician Loss gives medical professional liability insurers and risk managers additional objective data-driven insights into the proclivity for a physician to cause a claim loss in the upcoming year. 

In addition to predicting likelihood and severity, the tool provides reason codes to provide further insight into the most critical driving factors underlying the prediction, enabling more effective underwriting and targeted risk management.

"OASIS Predictive Analytics for Physician Loss is not intended to replace the underwriter. It is intended to empower the underwriter, providing a broader array of objective details regarding the risk," said Bill Moss, chief business development officer of Delphi Technology. "Some refer to this as 'eyeglasses' for the underwriter's mind, helping to bring the data into focus."

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