Major US health company migrates agents to cloud software


Major US health company migrates agents to cloud software

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A major US health solutions company is migrating 800 contact center agents to inContact Customer Interaction Cloud.

inContact is a NICE company that provides cloud contact center software and workforce optimization tools.

The company specializes in delivering solutions that make quality health care more available, affordable and personally relevant for everyone and will use inContact cloud software to increase agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The company is replacing its on-premises call center product due to limitations in reporting capabilities and an inability to operate at maximum capacity due to its instability issues.

inContact omnichannel routing, through the automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) offers the organization a flexible solution that is able to scale with current and future business needs.

Voice, as a service network connectivity from inContact, will improve the company’s customer service quality and reliability to ensure no connectivity or latency issues through its crucial voice channel.

inContact cloud solutions are able to unify all contact center resources onto one secure platform and scale operations up and down to meet demand while enhancing experiences for customers and agents.

“It’s critical for healthcare organizations to have a solution in place that is scalable and easy to use while also complying with industry regulations,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact.

“As a company delivering several different solutions in the health care ecosystem, its contact center technology must be secure, intuitive and agile to meet fluctuating customer demands, while consistently deliver positive customer experiences throughout the organization.”

In addition to the inContact core cloud platform, the health solutions company will implement inView, a suite of management tools developed to drive agent engagement and empowerment with real-time visibility and gamification.

Using inView, the company can aggregate data from multiple sources for intelligence routing, including inContact ACD and IVR and integrated Customer Relationship Management tools.

Additionally, it will leverage inContact Quality Management module to provide assurance and management staff with a clear way to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures and maximize staff productivity.

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